Reasons Why Your Website Speed Is Slow

Server performance

No matter how quick is the website coding and optimization, a slow server will always give you a slow start. If the server’s performance is poor, it will take longer to respond.

Poor server performance is almost always down to your web host. A cheap web host will usually give you a shared server, which means you’re sharing space and resources with countless other websites. If your site is slow, it’s because you’re in a queue with lots of other sites!

Extra large images

A large image is going to take a long time to load up. If you’ve got a ton of large images on your website, you’re adding extra load time for every picture.

The file format is also important here. Browsers can load JPG, PNG, and GIF images nice and quickly. But, heavy formats like TIFF and BMP will take long time to load so avoid it.

Too many plugins

Over use of plugins in the CMS, each plugins makes its own file request. Each has a CSS file and some javascript to load.

Unnecessary redirects

Imagine you ask for directions to the contact us page. Then you get there, and find out that page is not there. or the url of the page is changed.

It’s like loading a page twice. Unless you have a fantastic reason for doing it, avoid redirects on your site.

An outdated CMS

An update generally means they’ve ironed out any kinks and problems, particularly in regard to speed. Install the latest versions of all software and plugins to help load your site faster and more smoothly.

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